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How does Kekoexchange accelerate career development?

The Kekoexchange community focuses on building open-source software, taking its members through every pull request during development. The approach guides members through regular video walkthroughs of every code change in the repository, demonstrating to its members how to build a complex application from scratch and the everyday decisions that go along with building software in the real world.By walking through a code base in this manner, members are guided through all aspects of requirements gathering, developing, and releasing software. This experience proves critical to taking members to the next level of software engineering.

What are we currently working on?

  • Personal-LLM: Open Source Chat GPT clone that works locally with no monthly subscription.

  • Only dependencies: Ollama (for LLM backend), and Google Chrome.

Screenshot of Personal LLM
Kay Ashaolu pic

Who am I?

My name is Kay Ashaolu and I lead the Kekoexchange community. I have:

  • 15 years of Software Development experience

  • 10 years of University Lecturing experience in the field of
    Software Development

What outcomes do we aim to see from Kekoexchange community members?

  • Deeper understanding of applications end to end

  • Generalist mastery of front end, back end, and data processing pipelines

  • Exposure to language-agnostic best practices

  • Increased confidence in diving into a new codebase and understanding its principles

How do I join?

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